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Originally Posted by Thunder Pig View Post
Neither choice is about need. If everyone bought what they need it would be kind of dull. Everyone gets want they want. I had a Triumph Tiger 1050. It did what I needed it to do. got rid of it cause I wanted the Rallye GS, sure didn't need it but damn it looks fine! You don't have to have a reason to get a GS vs a GS Adventure just a want. I don't really care if someone else thinks I didn't the right bike for what I use it for. I do and that's all that matters. Buy what you want, ride it with a big grin on your face until you want something else. It's really that easy.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.
Nice. I definitely don't NEED the 1200GS. I'm in your boat...I saw the 2012 1200GS Rallye and just really want it. We'll see how the 2-up test ride goes this weekend...
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