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Ok coolz this is going to happen - I got the 10W40 Royal Mfg Monarch Super Synthetic in today from the Royal Mfg Lab and it is off to the Blackstone Laboratory for an independent analysis. Came in a i-kinda-like black bottle.

Hope the VOA comes back positive or she's going back.

I have received many positive remarks from folks running the 15W50 Full Syn in their 950 Adventures, V-Stroms and many other thumpers including my XR650R and a Porsche 911 (I dunno believe the older Porsches dont like Moly). Hope for the same on the 10W40. You will not find another Class IV PAO base for the price with shipping included.

As a side note I just send another donation check to COHVCO as my commitment on this project and my Universal Enduro Fairing.

Regards and thanks for the support.

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