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TC125 falling on it's face - timing?


I picked up a 1972 TC125 last year that was in mint condition. It's an awesome bike and I love riding it! Sadly, I don't know much at all about 2 strokes. Here's whats happening:

The bike falls on it's face when I give it more than 1/2 or 3/4 throttle at any RPM. It sounds like it's bogging down (like when it's running out of gas). This reaks of a carburation issue to me so I took about the carb and cleaned everything but I didn't see anything wrong (especially a clogged main). What's also strange is that it will fall on it's face in the same manner even under very slight throttle opening as the revs get above ~6k rpm indicated. Rev counter shows 9k redline I believe.

So, it seems like it's both throttle position and RPM based. No idea what it could be other than timing which I think I would have to take into the shop cause I know nothing about setting timing.

Any help would be appreciated!
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