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now here is an even trickier question so let me start with the back story.

My buddy is building me a frame for a motor that I have titled to a 73 honda cb 750.

Now the current frame that it sits in the frame vin does not match the title vin. AT ALL not even the years are the same cause the vin tag says its a 74 here in lies the problem. the frame has no title. My idea is this I can make my own vin tag from the numbers on the title. the question is what metal do I use to make the tag and if that does not work how do i go about getting the frame titled?????????????????????????

I live in INdiana and the frame is coming from the west so what do I do??????????/

Check with your DMV (usually their site after some searching) to see if there is a reconstructed vehicle title they can issue you. It is legal and only require a licensed inspector to deem it as such, provided that you can provide that you acquired all parts legally (bill of sale).
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