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I have Ohlins on my '07 ADV(still own it). You can FINE tune the manually adjustable Ohlins or Wilbers infinitely more precisely than ANY 'ESA' shock is capable. The after market shocks (Wilbers or Ohlins, regular or ESA) come with the correct spring for your weight. The ESA, for the most part, simple turns (via the stepper motors) the hydraulic preload nob a set number of turns (5,12, 18?? maybe??) to allow for a more 'correct' sag but not as accurate as is capable with the manually adjustable shocks as you add weight to your ride(luggage +/- passenger).

Call Teddy Porter at the Beemershop in Scott's Valley, CA for the scoop on them, what they do well, and what they don't do well. I'm not related, just a satisfied customer.

I think I've heard the Ohlins ESA has more capabilities than the Wilber's, but that the aluminum Ohlins MUST be rebuilt twice as often as the steel Wilbers.

Teddy put some correctly sprung Wilbers on my '11 ADV and the push button thingy comes in VERY, VERY handy, but they are not as 'fine tunable' as the manual shocks.

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