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That has been nothing but a nightmare for me to deal with. I would never use them again for any reason. Below is an email I sent to them after an order that was botched all to hell. I'll also say that it took 3 months for me to get my refund. Feel free to read the below email, or save yourself the trouble and just order from As much as a nightmare as it was to deal with cycle-hutt, that's how easy it is to deal with ktmtwins. It's not that they are perfect, but they do everything they can to get it right or correct issues.

"I just wanted to send this email to you guys as I feel the service I was given with your company was absolutely terrible and deserves an email. When I placed my order (W0123910) with you guys on 4/22, I wasn't notified as I moved items into my basket that more than half of the 14 items or so I had ordered were unavailable or back ordered and wouldn't be able to be shipped for 2 weeks. I only found that out when I called on Tuesday to check on the status of the order as I never received an email confirmation for the original order. I spoke with a rep who told me that the order wasn't going out at all until all items were avail (something I would definitely expect you to be proactive about and notify your customer). After reviewing what items you "did" have in stock, I asked that this part be shipped and the rest of the order canceled so I could order the parts from another company. I stressed I needed them by Friday. Still no confirmation came to me so I called back on Wednesday to follow up on order. I was then told by another rep that the parts had not shipped yet, and that some of the parts I was told were included in the revised order were not avail, and others I was told were, weren't. So the order I placed with the other company now has duplicate parts in it, and your order would not be all that I expected to get. *Leaving me short on parts. At this point I was stuck, so I just asked that the order be shipped so it would arrive by Friday. I was again assured it would. With still no working tracking number, I called back again today to follow up on my order. Yet today I was told my order wouldn't arrive until Monday or Tuesday. *I can only assume this was a total guess by this third rep. It doesn't really matter at this point as the parts were needed by today and Monday would be too late. Although i haven't received the parts yet, so I guess there is still time for something else to go wrong with the order. Meanwhile the parts ordered from your competition have already arrived today. Exactly when needed, and as promised. When I told the rep today that my order had been completely butchered and jammed me completely up, and that this would most def be the last order I would place with you guys. His response was a very telling "ok". Just terrible service. *You might think in this economy, that businesses like yours would really try to work with customers to make sure of repeat business. I guess you guys have a dif philosophy."
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