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I made 2 orders through them on the same day, about 5 products totaling over $300 for Christmas gifts. A week later they sent an email that said "the 'item' will ship in 4 or 5 days. Then a couple of days later, another email said, "the item (they don't name the item) is on back order until 12-24-10....AND I'M UNHAPPY. . . .

Funny I should find this - I've never had any trouble with these guys in North Dakota. And they've actually returned phone calls to my house. So, I won't get into this any further.

Anyway, to put a plug in for my local dealer - they're not a 'mail-order' house, but they do pride themselves on stocking virturally all (current) parts. So, if it's a part you NEED TOMORROW, I imagine shipping could be arranged. Try WheelSports, (KTM exclusive dealer) Columbus/Reynoldsburg, Ohio - (614) 864-0010. Also, Athens (Ohio) SportCycles, (800) 592-4464. Both of these dealers have always been heavily involved in off-road racing in the southern Ohio scene so they're not some 'Johhny-come-Lately' that decided it would be 'cool' to sell KTM motorcycles.

I will agree, getting good service is the exception to the rule anymore - and the cheapest product a dealer can provide. It's getting hard to get someone to take my money anymore.

Good Luck.
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