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Crescent City seems to have converted the parking lot at the beachfront to some kind of "Trailer Park by the Sea" affair. Basically, it's an RV only parking lot that on this particular night was completely full up with drunks. People crawled out from under the floorboards of society to come to the big fireworks shindig.

The beach was full of people setting off bottle rockets, smoke bombs, whistlers and volcanos. And the sun was still bright in the sky. Kids were smashing up fireworks on the rocks so they'd just fly around randomly. The "punk" kids in their pickups in the parking lot were firing more towards the beach. We would flinch every time something went off. We got to see firsthand why fireworks are illegal in a lot of places.

The most impressive show happened before it got dark and someone set off probably $500 worth of mortars.

Couldn't even wait until dark to set them off

We were standing there in amazement when some guy walking by said to us "It's like hillbilly hell here" laughed and kept walking to set up his chair for the show.

This whole thing reminded us of the only other event like it: The Thomaston, ME 4th of July. All the way back home on the East coast, the exact same shenanigans had happened three hours before. If you've been to either, you know what I mean.

We'd had enough laughter for one night and left before the town show even started. We knew tomorrow would be a long day.

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