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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
Sorry, no big money or great benefits, just protecting my reputation and getting a bit of entertainment. So, if I posted photos or told you where they are, I'd have to kill you all. It's actually an interesting story (to me anyway), which I can't tell right now. Just recall that through a LOT of careful thought and hard work I was able to map out the secret route of a few stages of the Dakar race course before the roadbooks were provided to the racers. I used certain skills again this time, because JCR wouldn’t let anyone outside the Honda team in on this testing, including me. I asked if I could tag along and help, but he said no. Since I made the roadbooks for JCR I knew SOME of the places they would ride, but I didn’t know ALL the places and didn’t know their schedule. After I cracked their “schedule” code and got the entertainment I was looking for, I texted Johnny about it. He called me “tricky” then changed what they were doing. Once I know Johnny has plugged all the holes I got through, maybe I’ll share a few more details. BTW, I did nothing illegal, and I don’t have any photos of the bikes.
Most of us here realise your reputation preceeds you!

When HRC pays you "Hush $$$" then the value of your insight, sleuthing, and local knowledge + Rallye knowledge diminishes. My apologies if you thought I was stamping my feet, I'm certain that Hogwild is straight up on their disclosure of the HRC Dakar effort!

PS: Getting killed is very low on my list of things to do!

It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!
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