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Hello Dr.Rock,

I found your Mobius 2a track for NE NM to Sanfa Fe, NM at I am planning to do CDT ride next summer and out of blue I have few friends who ride ATV and they are asking me to please organize ATV trip for them along the CDT. I know it might be a bit weird to have one dual sport bike and 4-5 ATV riding the CDT but it sounds fun and why not!? We all are camping guy and probably can go cheap.. So anyway, the question I had for your Mobius 2a track is how difficult was the trail? It is showing red but I am assuming you happened to use red line for different reason? I am trying to look into a trail that we could ride south from CO to Antelope Wells, NM before hitting the CDT and travel up north. The plan in work is that we will use a crew cab ford 350 truck and haul a long trailer that can hold 4-6 ATV and my dual sport bike to somewhere in CO and park the truck there, then we would ride our bike through different trail down south and ride CDR up to Montana/CA border before using different trail back to CO.
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