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A quick blast on the road brought us quickly back into the woods. There were so many forest roads here even with the GPS it was hard to keep the turns straight.

The road surface varied immensely - we negotaited deep sand, loose pumice, hard gravel and soft mud in a matter of hours. Mostly without issue, though my bike decided to take a nap here where Bernie cheated and went around.

The road was pretty good most of the time, though, and we we able to keep the speeds up there pretty high. We barely stopped and if we did it was to catch up at an intersection or for a good photo op.

Like this - I wish we could have camped here, but still had to make miles.

The day was getting on into evening now, but we pushed forward.

Waiting for Mr. Clean (lens) at an intersection

The trail really started to get disused, or I missed a turn.

I was constantly amazed by the network of fire roads in the forest here. If the GPS failed, we were hosed because the place was an absolute maze. We should have had a good map but I'm young, and stupid. Mostly stupid.

The forest reminded me of a very dry (about to catch fire) North Maine Woods.

We saw some beautiful views - Mt. Bachelor I believe.

but it was starting to get late, and we were getting a bit tired.

But it wasn't over for quite a while. We were miles South of any campsites and still on the trail. The dust was unfathomable. Sucks for Bernie and Shawn, they should have gotten the maps :P

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