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Originally Posted by The Rider View Post
Joel honestly, you are the last person I would have thought would actually do secret rides. Nice pics glad it was fun.

Sean, glad you mention it. Many know that for the last 5 years I care about people and in building a community. Always putting the time, effort and resources organizing rides, painstakingly taking pictures, and writing ride reports. I do it for one reason only - to motivate people to come out and ride, with the hope that we could build a community.

Time has changed. The West Regional, particularly the LA/OC, has transitioned to a new kind of environment; a few call it freedom, free to say anything to anyone with contempt, no accountability or responsibility. As long it doesn't cross the line from getting booted down to the basement - it is perfectly tolerable.

Right now, it is not a place I want to hang out anymore, though I missed many of you guys. I'll continue to stop by and see what's going on.

Yes it's true, I made a new bed....was forced to since the few continue to puke, pee and shit on my old one.....hahaha. And contrary to what others say, it is not by invitation only; more than half of the names I see, I don't even know them.

I do not want to make further comments, other than this forum will remain dear to me; I started here, put in my fair share, and will continue to participate in all healthy endeavors.

Me too, I missed riding with you, nevertheless, I still value those times you took care of me.

See you later and ride safe!

Originally Posted by The Rider View Post
No hard feelings. Just something I feel should be adressed. It's just lame that big rides need to be hidden because of what a few post on these boards. I was under the impression that most of the bullshit ends when people gather for a ride and meet in person, shake hands and shoot the shit and actually ride.Regardless of what gets typed up sometimes. FYI, ride Sunday, meet 15 and 138. 2 dr650s so far.

sounds like having 2 personalites; once 1 got abusive, don't worry i will bring the good one when i show up on the ride.

hehe, i can't even keep up with my one and only.
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