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Originally Posted by WhicheverAnyWayCan View Post
Hello Dr.Rock,...why not!? We all are camping guy and probably can go cheap.. So anyway, the question I had for your Mobius 2a track is how difficult was the trail? It is showing red but I am assuming you happened to use red line for different reason? I am trying to look into a trail that we could ride south from CO to Antelope Wells, NM before hitting the CDT and travel up north....
Technically, it's all rideable on an ATV. Legally, I'm not so sure... There's a fair amount of public roads, both paved and dirt. If you read the Mobius ride report for that section beginning mobius 2 and for the last part of Mobius I, you'll get some good images of the terrain. The colors I used for the tracks are only to differentiate the different days.

If you have other routing questions for me, let's take it to PM -- I'd like to keep this thread pretty lean to make it easier for folks to find the files they're after. Or, probably even better, I'd recommend to start a thread about your trip in the Riding/Trip planning/Americas forum, or in the Regional/Rockies forum -- I'm sure you'll get some good intel from those.
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