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After the long lunch, Joel took short cut to the nearest gas station, about 20 miles. :lol:

Finally we are there

I think I'v never seen Eric sitting on that bike. He is always on pegs, on and off the road. :lol:

Then we finally came to the fun part of the ride, water crossing.
Joel was first:

Duy made a huge splash. WOW...

Eric kept it easy

Back and forth

Here is a cheater, going right, to shallow, where is the fun in that???

We were back in camp way before sunset and had time to relax and socialize.
Rich's Jeep is badass

What to do what to doooo


Nope, Bill doesn't drink

San Diego crew. I have to say, they are a bunch of super fun, easy going, full of "accent" people. I feel at home... :lol: They had an open buffet for Saturday night. And yes, they did have a microwave...

Average age of riders here are 65, can you believe that??? :shock:
I wish I can ride half of these guys when I get to that age... :roll:

We went to bed early on Saturday night, around 10pm. Other big bikers were already headed home by then.
Sunday morning Bill and Duy left early. San Diego crew went for an other ride while I, Rich and Joel got ready to head back home.

On our way back home Joel and I rode through Hesparia.

Hoping to go through Sito's wash (or it's detour) we were stopped by a construction zone on Ranchero Road. And took a lengthy detour on the wrong side of the railroad tracks. So were never be able to go through wash. We made it to Summit Inn for lunch though.

While I was listening to load music and drinking water with one hand, on one of the turns on sandy Hesparia backroads, my front end washed out and I went down on my right side. Couldn't walk step away from the bike this time and hit my elbow on the ground. Got a deep cut. :(

Thank God Joel was fully prepared as usual and did the first aid on the spot. Just an other reason to feel safe while riding with Joel...
Lesson learned, ATGATT is a must and never loose concentration while riding...
Almost all my little tip overs are due to my right wrist turning too much to slide on corners. Sometimes I cant hold the bike up and it does a 180 while I simply walk away with out even touching the ground. But sometimes front end washes out and this is the dangerous one. Especially going down hill with some speed. I can't walk away and go down with the bike. Nothing serious as long as I have my upper body armor, especially elbows.
So I will have my armor at WMRS. :oops:
This concludes my RR. Hope you enjoyed it as well as the ride.
Thanks again for reading and riding with us.
As usual more pictures of this trip is on my SmugMug.
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