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Originally Posted by dave6253 View Post
The last video makes me want to jump on my bike to chase down some safety cone booty.
Oh! What am I thinking. Steep rocky uphills are NOT my favorite.
Dave! I think they are your favorite. You just don’t know it yet.
That john’s canyon hill was gnarly!

Originally Posted by TouratechUSA View Post
Amazing ride!
Hi TouratechUSA!
thanks for the great trails!
hey, what’s the deal with the geocache on the WABDR?
We thought it was at the viewpoint for the Cold Springs C.G.?
BigWan and I looked and looked and couldn’t find it.

Originally Posted by Tn. Walrus View Post
You guys are coming late to the party.

heh. Tn Walrus, you’re sweet.
Raggin’ on the Touratech guys because they haven’t been reading our stupid ride reports...
Cut ‘em a break - not everyone can slog through a Wan report.
You firefighters simply excel at it (right, Bob and oldtrucks?)
thanks for all the support!

Hi again, Rob! squeeze Louie for me. ♥

Hey redog1
yeah, sand.
I actually learned to like it, which is crazy.
The more you do it, the less awful it will be.
Practice, practice, practice!

gee, thanks for the anniversary wishes and the very kind words!
you might like the Porcupine Rim video (coming up in a couple days) -
Matt turned the camera around and pointed it at me for a little bit.
Lots of silly grins...

Day 13: 7/4/12 continued
Monticello to Moab, UT 98 miles

Some stills/photos from the first video...

Waiting at the top of the first step...(I was taking pics and talking about where to leave the cone)

Here, watch Part 1 if you haven't already...

We walked back up the steps to check them out...

bye, coney!

This looks like a good spot...

Waypoint! How easy is that?

For some reason, I took a photo of an ant while I was standing there...

The magnificent schoolbus driver.

Might as well have some water and jerky while we're stopped (a.k.a. Lunch).

We figured it was a good time for a photo op, too.
Holy cow, my arms look ginormous! I hope it's just the angle...

Hmmm, let's check the tires.
I think they have 1,966 miles at this point...

Okay, enough standing around -
back on the trail!

We must be getting closer to Canyonlands.

We're starting to see hoo doos and other interesting rock formations.

This was a big ol' step.
I think the view is better in the video.

This canyon was kind of a surprise for us.
I remembered seeing the first steps (where we had lunch), but forgot about this part.
Was it in the UTBDR trailer?
We didn't see the full dvd until we were in Idaho.

At any rate, it was very cool!

I had BigWan stop so I could take a photo here.
This looked familiar. It must be from the UTBDR trailer...

Okay, ready for Part II??
I think it's a much better video than Part I.
Better flow.
and, HD this time

By the end of that video, it was HOT.
Around 100

(we're seeing a lot of that sweaty guy!)

We were ready to get out of the canyon...
At one point we took a detour, trying to get down to the river.
No joy. Just got even hotter.

Hey, Kane Creek!

Too bad my photos are all washed out. Stupid sun.

Oh, wait - here's a B&W for Tn Walrus:
(the other ones didn't work, but I like this one)

See the little baby arch?

We decided to stay at the Bowen again.

It was the 4th of July so we were glad to get into town nice and early.
Not a problem.
People don't seem to flock to Moab during the hottest time of the year...

We really needed to get some new tubes before continuing the trail...

Luckily, Arrowhead Motorsports was open, even though it was a holiday!

Fred has a lot of stuff.

But most importantly, he has tubes and patches.
We also got a new pump (not pictured).
Thanks, Fred!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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