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Laugh Not a dealer

Originally Posted by wirewrkr View Post
What, are you a dealer for Odyssey or something?
You can use a battery tender, and it lasts Waaaay longer than 2 years.
Get some more experience under your belt before making a silly statement like that.
Just years of experience with motorcycles, Cars and Batteries that start them.

Trying to help someone out from having to buy a new battery every season. You can always go to Walmart and get a battery for $44.95 but I feel the PC680 is a wothwhile investment. I have a 1974 R75/6 4+ years on current PC680 I am sold - trying to help a fellow out with good advice. Had the same in my 1981 R65 worked great until it was sold.
My 1989 R100GS - had a westco battery when I bought it - replace with a battery from Batties + (not PC680) had to replace in less than a year got a free replacement not a PC680 but it will fit and will be my next battery for the GS. So lots of experience just good advice!!

TETE - you can use a regular battery charger with that battery - if you ride at least 1 once a week 15 or more miles you should never need a tender.
If you do need a tender than something is wrong with your charging system of you have to much load on it. Easy to check with bike running check with volt meter across battery terminals should be above 12.5 up to 14 volts depending on engine RPMs.

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