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Originally Posted by 6USMC6 View Post
I'm looking again. he only 4 piece rods I have are a 7wt and an 8wt. There's is enough time to come up with a 4 piece 2 wt between now and the rendezvous. I've used a 1wt (once) and prefer the 2 since it will handle small nymphs.
Mike you're welcome to my Orvis 2 wt.

2 wts are perfect for up there. I can bring a 5 wt if either of you want to do tail water fishing for rainbows and browns.

The small streams like Elk Hair Caddis and Copper Johns or Prince nymphs down low, but in brookies country bring a big size 12 anything in a 1980's electric color. They aren't picky.
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