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Talking Belly up to the bars

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Clubman bars?
I just ordered some genuine Napoleon mirrors in chrome. I need better visibility than what I have with the stem mirrors. This means I have to do a custom install as my throttle sleeve is close ended. What complicates this decision is that I sometimes think I want clubman bars for a more comfortable ride. 90% of my riding is my highway commute to work (12.5 miles). The bullet fairing splits the air in a way that if I sit up, I get blasted with air, whereas when I ride in the position the fairing is designed for, my elbows are farther back than I like with my hands further back than I'd like. So obviously, in that position, clubman or low euro bars would be ideal. By the way, I'm curious how you guys feel about the black chrome vs. chrome Napoleon mirrors. I ordered chrome since I noticed the black ones show rock pits and they look beat up faster. Not sure if you can have those repainted? I figure any clubman bars I get will be chrome, so the mirrors would match. Otherwise, they match the trim components like turn signals.

However, I enjoy sitting upright on weekend jaunts on weekends, and I've been trying to imagine if I'd enjoy the lower bars, during my weekend rides. If I decide solely on which riding position gets more miles, I'd go with the low bar. Since clubman bars are relatively cheap, I'm thinking of buying some to try out. But only if I don't have to invest money in other parts that make it a more costly adventure. Considerations to achieve this are: fitting with the fairing on, using existing control cables and mounting on the Space Ace bar backs. Does anybody have experience in this area with specific bars that worked well, and still allowed full steering radius?
From the photos it looks like you have a Super Sport type bar on there already. Before getting in too deep with new bars etc. I would suggest replacing those silly pull back risers and ebay yourself a set of proper BMW bar clamps.

I think you will find that the bars you have there will give you the clubman look/feel you're going for.

Once you get the bars remounted you might consider shortening your bars (hacksaw required) it looks like you have enough room for the controls to still fit properly after shortening the bars.

These are the BMW "S" bars (clubman?) that I'm installing on my PROJECT-S

C20: Chrome Flanders BMW R90S Bar (Magura style 478-46300),

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