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Oh well

Originally Posted by mousitsas View Post
I would suggest you to buy stronger springs first and see what you can do with the clickers. If not good enough, then experiment with thicker oil. Springs and oil are easy to DIY.
It might not be perfectionist good, but it will be probably much better than stock and maybe it might be all you want. If not happy, all you will have lost is some time and the price of oil, since springs you have to upgrade anyway.

I had issues with the SE fork valving, which was stupid hard. I did not have the funds to go to a 'tuner' so I asked a local suspension guy to install the 990-R valving and while not perfect, it surely does the job much better (almost perfect) at a small fraction of the cost, since he did not sell tuning expertise, only labor. Maybe thinner oil would have worked just as well, who knows.

I have also ridden an 09 990R with .60 springs and SE valving (essentially SE stock fork setting). I am about 200-220 depending on gear and what was crazy stiff on the SE worked really well on the mighty ninety.

Well, the "alternate" shipping method fell through so i'm back to square 1. No SPS. I'll just get the biggest springs that can be fitted without modifications for the time being and i'll get some .70 at a later time...whilst i try to learn as much as possible about suspensions... Who knows, maybe i'll find a suspension tuner hidden away in the neighboring countries.

Thanks everybody! Alex
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