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Been away from the computer for a few days. Finished the summer off by going to the beach for a week. I'm going to try to wrap up my portion of this report and hand it off to Todd for his wrap up. Without further adieu...

We roll into Silverton and it is evident we are not the first to arrive.

The location is awesome. There are no bad ways to get to Silverton. We mingle for a little while and then decide we need to procure some beer. Roland says he knows a really cool brewery in down town. ( of course he does ). Scott, Roland and I head off down the main street sans gear, since the speed limit is 25 mph. i figured if I'm willing to ride my bicycle down hill at speeds close to 50 mph wearing what what has the protective quality of my underwear, I should be able to survive a mishap, should one occur, in shorts, t shirt, and flip flops. Passed some cool stuff on the way there.

Well the beer sucked. Good thing we sampled it first. We needed to find someplace else to stock up. We talked about heading off to the liquor store. About that time we started to hear thunder. Scott and I took a look out side and decided we needed to make tracks back to the rally central and the cover of our room. We prodded Roland a couple of times then gave up and left him for dead. The rain began very subtly for the first minute then started to pour right as we got back to Rally central. We were cracking up thinking about Roland riding down the street in it. Next came hail.

So kind of worried about Roland. We don't see him for a while not sure where he took shelter till I hear someone talking about a crazy Canadian who parked his bike in a river near the beer store. I knew it had to be him. I asked if they had a picture so I could identify the body and this is what they showed me.

Yep that's him.

Scott and I make a beer run, more like a walk and stock our fridge. This should take us through the first night.

Have I mentioned that we are raging alcoholics at this point. My Liver literally growls by 4pm every day.

Ready for the first night. Time to meet some of the other crazies who are calling this place home for the next few days.
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