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So the first night Big John our fearless leader, describes a number of organized rides being led the next morning. His "Big Bike, Easy Ride" sounds like the ride for me. He described it to the best of my recollection as follows; "I rode this entire ride last year 2 up with my wife on my VStrom last year. We started with 19 bikes and 17 dropped out due to difficulty, but it is all rideable. If you come you will ride through what I believe to be the most scenic areas of the entire state. It will be mostly dirt FS roads with a little pavement thrown in. It should take us about 7 hours."

Have a pow wow with Todd, Rolland, Scott and Brandon. We all agree this is the route for us. We decide to get the route and tackle it on our own. For some reason, Todd Volunteers to lead a ride. He describes it as the "Fast Big Bike Easy Ride any one is welcome we will take the same route as Big Johns gang only a more spirited pace." Ok cool.

Morning comes and we line up I think we had a total of 12 takers on the "Todd led ride" when Todd comes up to me and says, "Since I'm riding two up, I think it would be better if you lead, Lori and I will bring up the rear." Wha? OK off we go to I don't know where. Just trying to find the first turn for Corkscrew Pass and I'll make it up as I go. Fortunately, for me Todd2, who is riding a DRZ had been over Corkscrew the day before. After a false stop and corrected by Todd2 I find the turn. My Mama didn't raise no dummy so I talk Todd2 into taking the lead, till we get back to pavement. Todd2 did a great job keeping the group together. Here are some pictures I took of the back country we rode through that morning.

The route took us over Corkscrew, Cinnamon, California, Owl Creek, Passes. I may have this messed up but my memory is getting fuzzy at this point. Maybe Todd has better notes and can clear this up.

We stopped in Ouray? for a celebratory beer and then head back for the festivities.
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