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The dirt road running from Rapid City to Sturgis. My friend Don and Stef handle the dirt no problem.

This is better then riding the freeway any day

It looks like an RV convention.

Oh, its the Buffalo Chip. Who knows, I may be camping here tonight.

Sorry, but this thread is about to go into the trash. But hang on, it won’t last long.

But first I gotta show Don and Stef this little bar I’ve been telling them about, its hard to miss.

I knew this but the arrow must mean this is the way to go, OK!

Right away, another biker wants to take my photo. OK

Then she rides off. Say what!

The newly weds, what a fun couple, and Don is into bikes big time, he has a couple Italian motorcycles that he loves “but not for two-up” he says. Smart man.

I’ve been here several times in the past and I always park here, in front of AngieLand.

Angie says “Hi! How ya doing?, Its been a while”

Its nice to see old friends. A photo of Angie is one of my all time top photos on smugmug.

I know some people hate Sturgis but I have no problem with it. I’ve been here less then an hour and I’ve already meet new friends. But I still wish cavegirl was with me :grin

But I’m here for the bikes, enough goofing around. You can look for days and not see ten percent of the cool bikes here. Sturgis rocks, that is if you can look past the Sturgis ‘whatever crap’ and focus on what it is all about, the Largest Motorcycle Rally in the World, here in our back yards. Its almost like I have to go to pay homage to my roots. It just feels right.

The ugliest bike I’ve ever seen. Built with Lagos?
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