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Saturday, August 25, 197

The bike was prepped and packed, sitting outside, nose pointed the right direction, but rain had been pounding on the roof since 5AM, not just a little either. This was a full blown gale, the day was a lady dressed in funeral black, not a hint of comfort, not a hint of light anywhere. I was headed west to a Catherder campout in the Shenandoah, 200 miles, sorry ain’t going to fire up the rat in a 2” an hour rain and 40MPH winds, might get a sniffle.

Weather radar was up, no breaks, but I could afford some time to wait it out, miss the group ride, and still make the party later. Hold that thought, rain coming down sideways, phone rings, now I had a meeting at the office for 5PM…the other party might be as early as 4:30. Do the math, that schedule had me crossing the mountain around 10PM, won’t work, and I unpacked the bike, no campout for me.

Instead, I was now riding to Winchester for a birthday party, might see some Catherders Sunday. Switched some things to a tail bag, over to the office just as the rain quits, ready for my meeting.

The early meeting time came and went, so I was on the phone at 5 just to see if the guy was getting close, might be able to run the first hundred miles in daylight. “I’m running a little late”, and when he described where he was, some snail slow back road route, I realized I was looking at a 6:30 meeting on Saturday night, the reward for be accommodating. I hate late.

Hour and a half to kill, checked the TV radar, clearing to the west a little, good, and when I walked back outside it was raining again, threatening clouds scudding across the sky from the southwest.

I had never noticed that my business neighbor’s repeater tower was not plumb until I tried to get a good cloud photo, at least I’m not in the catastrophic failure fall zone, about the only bright spot today. No, the bright spot was that I didn’t have a 9mm CC with me, might have shot some fool for being two hours late. Not really, probably quit after a few near miss shots, no blood, but I was getting more agitated by the second, and started checking around the shop for that spare axe handle, another fifteen minutes, then I was looking for a chainsaw.

“Sorry I’m late”, ya ya, don’t worry about it, because this was going to be a short meeting, our first, last, and only, thanks, goodbye, have a good trip home, and I locked up the office at 7 freakin’ PM. I never bothered to give him a business card, sorry, if ya happened to look like Johnny Cash having a damn bad day and had a cranial cavity filled with swamp water, we ain’t likely to be doin’ any bidness. All in all, it was one of those cluster things, a heck of a way to start a trip, even a short one.

(to be continued...)
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