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In Grand Marais right now drinking a cop of tea in a coffee shop, which is funny cause I've decided not to drink coffee anymore. I miss it though ;.(..
After Chengwatana I headed North to Duluth.
Well....... my first glimpse of it was not to good, my reaction was basically YUCK!
It was all grey and ghetto looking, smog and industrial chimneys, too many cars, big freeways with bridges running over and under each other. Basically the stuff I normally avoid like the plague.
Once I got past it and saw the nice part of town and the lake, it was all G!
I love the road along the lake, it is gorgeous and not too many folks on it at all!

Saw this humongous statue on the side of the road. I should have put the restaurant in the pic as well to have a reference. This guy is about 15 or more feet tall

I checked out another state park, and again it was $25! so no way!
Stopped by Tofte forest ranger station and they gave me a map of some free camp sites. Yay!!
Rode up to country road 2 and up into the hills. The road soon changed into gravel and I kinda felt skittish being on dirt again. After almost 4 weeks my rib is feeling pretty good. I can sneeze and cough again without hurting. Still can't push on it, and it feels a little off. Being on gravel again felt scary, but I decided it was worth getting a free night. I rode for about half an hour or more on this.

Pretty hard but very squarely with ruts underneath.

Afterwards I found my turnoff 164 to trout river campsite.

They weren't' kidding about the trucks!!
Holy cow, one came thundering down this narrow road, and I had to ride into the ditch to avoid being squashed!

The road was so worth it!!!

There was only one other camper there, and quite a ways away.

Found this little trail and wanted to see if there was an overlook so I could see the sunset. There wasn't one nearby, instead I found a lot of these!

I wonder if a slug can eat these, would it be safe for humans too?

I really want to learn which mushrooms are safe for consumption. my mouth was just watering seeing them all. I love fried mushrooms, and thought of Jim's friends in Lewiston Idaho, who took me out Morel hunting.

This picture doesn't do the peace and serenity of the place justice, but then again, no picture really could!

Had a great night's rest. It was pretty cold at night. After a week of 80 degree nights, the temp dropped to 45. I am loving the down sleeping bag, and find myself still breathing in the morning, so I guess no more allergies! :nana

Turns out that the dirt road further down to country road 4 and down to Lutsen was a heck of a lot shorter and easier. Go figure!

Rode up to Grand Marais

Lovely little town on the lake.

I took the Gunflint Hwy cause I heard so much about it.
Well........... It was a major let down! I had expected a way more rustic road with lots of views of the water and wild moose.
What I found was a wide road with not much to see, and restaurants, Lodges, and giftshops scattered along the way.
Still was able to take a view okay pics

I am pretty sure this was an eagle! It kept following me.

I rode back toward Grand Marais faster than I rode to the end of the road, and decided to have a cup of tea and post my RR.

I am heading to another free campsite on the map. I hope it's as nice as last nights one.
Then because my friend in Minnesota has no time for me I decided to just head to Minnesota tomorrow of the day after. So I get to give Duluth another chance.
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