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Originally Posted by Gros Buck View Post
Serioulsy PSI of HPDE is nothing (5K PSI ???). You can barely make filets out of it. Forget about Heli-Coils. PSI/lbs is pretty low compared to 7075T6 or better 7068T6 (100KPSI+). Number of cycles at 25000 PSI load is more then 500,000,000. Which is many orders of magnitude higher then this plastic.

I see a good looking device. But in this case, "Inovation" is a word that one would hear from the marketing departement.


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I think you are making too many assumptions about the Design. The weight of the system is being supported by a massive chunk of 6061. For these plates to encounter the forces you are talking about they would have had to suffered a massive impact. None of the nav equipment would survive, forget the rider. The deflection that the HDPE would offer might save the nav equipment in a crash.
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