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Originally Posted by cross-country View Post
I think you are making too many assumptions about the Design. The weight of the system is being supported by a massive chunk of 6061. For these plates to encounter the forces you are talking about they would have had to suffered a massive impact. None of the nav equipment would survive, forget the rider. The deflection that the HDPE would offer might save the nav equipment in a crash.

Let's ask the question the other way around ... Why one would want to built it in HDPE knowing, it has 20 times less PSI then 7075, far less Heat resistance, Far less cycle life, much heavier Density to strength ratio ??? Knowing as well the HDPE is never used in structures unless the most critical parameter is chemical resistance or very low friction ??? It is also known that HDPE "dries" rapidly under UV and consequently, structural properties are affected adversly.

HDPE is a bushin (plain bearing) or glide material ....

Why not makin that tower it in paper then ??? HDPE in that case is an exercise of style !!! a square wheel !!!

By the way, I've been playing with that material for decades. I've built HDPE reservoirs (yes a structure !!! ) for abrasion resistance.

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