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On the way to Michigan Lake

I left today after work. I drove through Pennsylvania, Cleveland and dropped anchor near the Michigan border. 540 miles flew by without too much notice. A light warm up.
I made 2 fuel stops and got through Rt. 80 without any traffic. Almost without.

I want to emphasize on Rt. 80 in PA. A year ago this road drove me nuts when I rode over 1,000 miles in one day from West to East. It was at night when 18-wheelers gathered like mosquitoes to a fire at night. There were trucks in front, back and to the side so I was surrounded. Their games start after midnight. Truck A passes truck B then after a few minutes truck B passes truck A. Iím going my 75mph and try not to bother anyone. They pass me like Iím standing in place. There I was afraid for my life, but at least we were moving.

This time around it was the opposite effect. The road was 2 lanesÖis there not enough room or money to build a 3rd lane? Thereís traffic here, as Iíve already discovered, day and night - mostly 18 wheeler trucks. One truck tries to pass another and it takes about 15 minutes, especially if itís up hill. Besides that there was a lot of construction or sometimes nothing at all that caused one lane to be closed. The flow of cars we were pretty much standing, I lost more than an hour. I spent the whole time in first gear, my left hand almost fell off from holding down the clutch. What an idiotic road but unfortunately there are no alternatives.

Fortunately as soon as I entered Ohio the road greatly improved. A third lane appeared and the road turned into the turnpike. And this is the same Rt 80. I was going 85, no one was bothering me and I wasnít tailgating anyone.

Anyway Iím already in the hotel and ready for tomorrows iron butt challenge.
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