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First you must understand how the MANUAL preload shocks work to adjust the sag of the bike when varying weights are transported on the bike. Since stock springs are for a lighter rider than most of us, the rider can crank up a given number of turns to raise up the rear end. The front shock is adjusted by the same little step offs used on rears for decades.

The little hand crank hydraulic preload knob has the ability to turn a set number of revolutions to put more hydraulic fluid in the shock to raise the rear end of the bike when boxes, and/or a passenger is added to the bike.

The ESA has THREE(3) settings, which correspond to a given number of complete turns of the knob to hydraulically raise the front AND rear of the bike with the push of a button, affecting SAG.

The rider can also set for comfort, normal, or sport mode. This affects the ride COMFORT.

The rider can also set the shocks for road use, or offload use, which I think will give 10mm more lift. [I could have miss stated this info.]

You really need to talk to Teddy Porter at the Beemershop in Scotts Valley, Ca., as well as research Ohlins and other brands.

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