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The next morning we took the bikes down the road for breakfast at a place called the Blue Fox. Allegedly a good place to have breakfast, according to yelp. It was nice to be able to jump on the bikes without a bunch of gear. I believe in ATGATT, but to go down the street at bicycle speeds that rarely get me into 2nd gear....jeans will do fine.
The line we found waiting for us at the blue fox confirmed what people thought of the place and although I hate waiting for food, I figured it would take us as long to find another place and just stuck it out.

It's funny how pulling up on these two bikes makes people stare at you as though you just landed from outer space. It's actually kind of uncomfortable. People don't just stare when you pull up, they sit there waiting to see who gets out from under the helmet. Doesn't help that they see blond hair coming out from under one of the riders helmets (Stephanie's, not mine. I left my extensions at home this time). That never fails to get even more attention. While in line we met a nice family that was visiting from the Toronto area. Talking with them for a while made waiting in line a bit more palatable.
We saw them out walking around later:

While we were standing in line I went to the bikes to take a few pictures. There was a group of what sounded like French Canadians. One of the girls sees me taking pictures of the bikes and yells out jokingly, "that'll be $5 bucks!!". I said laughing, "not a chance, that's my bike...You actually owe me $5 for standing near it!!". They laughed and said, "nice bikes".
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