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On the way back to the hotel:

Back at the room, relaxing a bit:

We had originally planned to go see the butchart gardens, but I wanted to do one of the cheesy harbor tours on these little (really little) tug-boat-like boats. I gotta tell you....this was cool. Was fun to just putt around on the water and see the different places around the bay, like the city-like area of houseboats by the fishermans wharf. This is also where we got off to grab some food. They give you a token so once you're done hanging around there you can hop on the next boat that comes by to take you back to the harbor where we got on. Even if I lived there I would do this very once in a while. Good fun.
We had hoped to be able to meet with Joel, from, while we were in town. He had given me plenty of tips for our visit and I figured dinner was the least I could do. He was nice enough to ride down from where he was spending a few days with his staff on work outing. Joel's a great guy and is welcome in the bay area any time. Unfortunately I started feeling like crap earlier in the afternoon and had to cut the night a bit short, but it was great to meet up with him nonetheless.

I still wasn't feeling very well the next morning when we headed out to catch the Washington State Ferry to Anacortes. I felt even worse when we got pulled over on the way there. This time around we actually WERE in a hurry to catch the noon ferry, because the next one was at FIVE. Our next stop was Winthrop and starting that late would be a huge problem. I thought of going with the whole KMh vs MPH excuse, but figured I'd just apologize and hope for the best. Ultimately he only gave me a ticket for failing to use a turn signal.
We made the ferry, boarded and found a booth where we could hang out for the 2 hour and 10 minute ride. As I mentioned before, when we rode off and approached the customs booth the female customs officer waved us both up to see her. Good to see american efficiency at work ;)

The rest of the day would prove to be an epic one.

The road coming straight off the ferry is HWY-20, the same road which would take us to Winthrop. It started pedestrian enough, with traffic lights and some light traffic. Eventually though it opened up. I can't say this enough.....THIS WAS BY FAR THE BEST RIDING EITHER OF US HAS EVER HAD. The weather, the road, the scenery....everything. This is one of those times where I felt like like the luckiest guy in the world to be right there, right then. It's not lost on me what a privilege it is to be able to do a trip like the one we are doing, seeing the places we're able to see and doing it on the machines we're able to do it on. I do consider myself lucky and felt especially lucky on THIS day. The ticket I had gotten earlier was now a distant memory.

Beginning of the ride. Stop for a shake:

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