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No Escaping the Heat this Trip

Succor Creek - Leslie Gulch, Eastern Oregon

Well, I've been busier than a one legged man and a square dancing convention, but I was able to squeeze in a ride last week and just now have the time to post it up.

As are most of my rides, this was a day ride, and this time I started and finished from my house, rather than trailer up to a start point. First and last part of the ride was on pavement, with BLM dirt/gravel roads in-between.

Map visual of the ride
Northern portion (Bench Mark Map Idea from RedRockRider)

Southern portion

So I'm just tooling along on hwy 201 south of Adrian, Oregon along the Snake River when something catches my eye on the Idaho side. You just never know what you might see!

I've got a long ways to go

But it's worth it. Here I've entered the Succor Creek canyon area. Nice and green along the creek. Nice green shade tree too

Some impressive views of the canyon. Much more impressive in person than what the photo's can depict.

Just about out of the canyon, but I get one more cool view. A camp area is just a mile or two back from here (left of photo) that looks like it would be nice camping when it's not so darn hot

Headed out for some sagebrush riding again

Gotta stay on your toe's. You never know when you might run into the herd

Headed for Leslie Gulch and Owyhee Reservoir

About half way between Succor Creek road and Owyhee Reservoir, you start the decent into Leslie Gulch.
The gulch is named after Hiram Leslie who was killed by lightning at this spot

Some more really impressive "you have to be here" views of the volcanic rock formations

Dago Gulch branches off Leslie Gulch, but you can't ride or walk very far before you encounter private land

Looks like this cabin is still in use by somebody. Bars on the windows. Probably to keep the not-so-nice perpetrators out

and then what do I find? A TW landing strip!

Well, as much as we would like to believe we are high flying on our TW's, turns out it's just the boat ramp

Nice little campground before you get to the boat ramp. I'm guessing no one is here because the temperature out
is about 1,000 degrees or so. Feels like it!. Because of some potential sunburn, I put my long sleeve shirt on here.
Actually, kept me cooler throughout the rest of the ride with the long sleeve shirt on.

Needed to head back home so I continued on the loop part of my ride. Depending on the map, this is either Sans Basin Rd or Poison Creek Rd, or both. It comes out on Poison Creek Rd and you never get off the main road, so I'll call it Poison Creek Rd

I know this is part of Sans Basin. I stopped here to pee (which was a good thing and means I was staying hydrated). But looking back in the middle of this valley, 2 great big mule deer jumped right out in front of me and crossed the road. Yep, I wasn't expecting that!!! Which is why I have to pee now!

Just before re-entering civilized territory, I come across the old Poison Creek Stage Station. It was built in the mid 1880's and was one of the stagecoach stations on the old stage route between Caldwell, Idaho and Jordan Valley, Oregon. The road I was riding was part of the old stage route. The new(er) highway (U.S.95) is a few miles east of here and is of course the main route now between the Treasure Valley, Jordan Valley and points beyond. Oh, one more thing, the stage station is on the National Register of Historic places, though it's falling into disrepair.

Well, that's all folks. It was hot, but very pretty for desert riding anyway.
For the record, I hate snakes!

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