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Yeah, i have had them all pretty much... But GSA was the worst on the dirt and best on the street.
Started with a 1150GS adv. and took to desert, and realized "how can any one ride this thing in the dirt.."

Dropped it the first day in front of the post office, tried to pick it up and soon realized, " this will cost me a few blown discs... L1-L100 and S1-S1000.. and the arms may be pulled right outta sockets. ....
It felt like a 10,000 lb bike!
This fat chick ran over and helped me pick it up... was pretty embarrassin .. since she did most of the work...
The KTM rules indeed As long as it doesnt break down, but that should'nt be a concern, would it ! ...

Is it a race,
an adventure,
or just a dream....

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