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Um, correction here. Just got to day 3, part 2 of the Summer of Stupid. I do not think I will follow you guys anywhere. My husband and your husband would get along pretty well. He has that bushwacking spirit that I am completely devoid of. Not so much with his 1200GS as on his Ventana mtn bike. I am more adventurous on the motorcycle to be sure, but I like a defined road/trail with a determined destination. Lost in Nevada and ending up over our heads in High Rock Canyon was great in retrospect, but I don't think big bad Katoom riders are supposed to cry. I think you two would have me crying in short time. I could probably tough it out, and looking back would enjoy the adventure, but the Wimpy Moody Bitch would definitely make an appearance more than once. How the hell do you do it Little Wan?
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