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Lc4 640 Extremely stuck choke plunger

Hello, anyone have tips on removing a brass choke plunger that's stuck tight in the carb..... Ok I have a 2000 KTM Lc4-e 640 with 9900 hundred miles. Problem is the choke cable broke right where it connects to the brass plunger or what-ever it's called inside the carb. I've soaked it daily with wd-40 with absolutely no effect. Currently the plunger is all beat up from attempts to pull it out and now there is nothing to grab hold of to get it out. My next step was going to be drill and tap the plunger and try screwing a bolt in to have something to pull the plunger out with. But I wanted to see how others have gone about this removal task. Appreciate any tips. Thank you......
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