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Fuel pump

On computer now but Internet is spotty here so research is very slow. Our problem looks the same or very similar to the problem in the first post from this thread:

Charlie's (chunter) problem was only fixed when the fuel pump was replaced. Assuming, for now, that we need to replace the fuel pump too. Assuming this, follow-up questions in case anyone has suggestions while we continue to research (slowly):
  1. Is it possible to test the fuel pump to confirm problem?
  2. Is there a way to repair the pump, or at least get it to function more consistently for some time?
  3. Are there non BMW fuel pumps that can be made to work with F800GS, ideally that we might find in/near Kyrgyzstan?
  4. On a Sunday, is it possible to find which BMW parts dealer closest to Bishkek have fuel pumps in stock? We might have to fly there to get the part and come back in order to meet our visa schedule...

(An urgent) Thank you!

Jeff and Si
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