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At this point I'm happy to entertain theories on how I am able to entertain myself for so long in abandoned, people-less parking lots.

Feeling refreshed I headed across the street to a real gas station (boring!) got back on the highway, passing Woodstock on the way

Next stop: Border Crossing.

I've actually never done a border crossing before (airport customs doesn't count) and was looking forward to replacing the complicated idea of what it would be like with how simple and efficient it would be in REAL life.

Approaching the border looks just like a regular bridge toll crossing. I got up, paid, and was through! WTF? They didn't even ask for my passport. Way easier than I thought. And then a mile or so later I hit the REAL border crossing. It was slow going, with lots of Dead-Stop traffic. (Imagine a toll booth where everyone paid in pennies and dropped half of 'em on the ground in the process and you get the picture.)

Though I've always breezed through customs, the conversation at the border didn't go so well. Apparently "on my bike" isn't a confidence-builder to the question "where do you live?"; they do not like it when you bring weapons in and get seriously suspicious when you're not sure where you're going or how long you're staying. My 'Kwai Chang Caine' replies got me a yellow 'go straight to the principal's office' citation. Really? To get into Canada? Then again, Canada has a "Strategic Global Reserve" of Maple Syrup they have to protect. With this weeks maple syrup heist (not kidding), I can only imagine that future border crossings are going to get even more difficult--especially if your last name is Jemima!

Once inside their little 'detention center' there's a lot of waiting around and not much to do. What sucks is one minute you're excited about rolling into a new country and then the next you're going through a DMV like experience soaking up valuable time. I kept thinking--if they send me back, will I get a refund the toll they made me pay?

Once they ran a background check (I assume), they called number 66 (that was me) I got the same 20 questions, answered them the same way (not good to change stories during a second interrogation) and got the green light to enter. One of the first signs on their freeway? 50km over the speed limit = Roadside Vehicle Seizure. 90mph and they confiscate your vehicle for good? 5 over it is....

Anyhow, made it to Fort Erie, a sleepy Canadian town about 30min. south of Niagra Falls.

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