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Originally Posted by Mudguts View Post
Seeing how safety is a big concern I use to make sheer bolts for our guillotine very simple to do just machine down a bolt in the middle with a v shape al thou we did not strain test them when ever some made a mistake cutting aluminum printing plates the bolt broke saving the machine , we could use this simple idea and aply it to our bikes I would also teather the
Tower as you don't want a scud missile smashing you as well .
I have thought about shear bolts too. Notches on the aluminium or whatever material since we put more than one on the table, may also help. But there is a problem in this particular situation. The bike is going up and down,
Jumping around and occasionally having small crashes. If you have such a design you have to make sure that it will not break during riding... This may be very dangerous for the rider. That is the advantage of hdpe in certain places. It gives some room and comes back. There are too many variables too make a part that will self destruct safely in a crash. I think this could have been implemented by the teams but there is a reason that it has not been done.

My 2 c...

TheAntiPaul has done a great job here, as always, and as he says you don't have to worry about fatigue cracks... A big bonus if youowe a 640 adv... Composites are the other way, which I like a lot, but for sure more expensive and not for theinexperienced manufacturer...

Sharing knowledge is the beauty of this thread!
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