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Originally Posted by cathulu View Post
Suggest you bypass the fuel pump controller, ie wire the fuel pump direct to the battery. There is a thread on it. It is perfectly safe to do so and may solve your problem.
Thank you Cathulu. I'll look into bypassing the fuel pump controller now.

This morning we bypassed the carbon canister and rode 300 kms to Bishkek. First 150 kms no problem at about 90 kmph. At about 150 kms I slowed for police, down into second gear and low RPM and engine stalled.

Opened tank, which made no air pressure noises, filled tank to top with 95 gas and continued and engine stalled again about 20 kms later, in 3rd gear at about 3500 rpm, indicating that fuel level and tank pressure/vacuum is not significant to problem.

At the end of the ride, in Bishkek, slowed to 1st/2nd/3rd gears through city traffic. RPMs ranged from 1k to 3k. Engine stalled about 10 times, every minute or two, before finding a place to stay for the night.

Things we've confirmed or learned from today's canister bypass and ride:
  1. Stalling has not yet happened above 4k RPM nor above 50 kmph while in gear
  2. Stalling has not happened before 100 kms or first 1 hour of ride after night of no riding (something overheating?)
  3. Carbon canister is now out of the picture
  4. Tank pressure/vacuum no longer a factor now that tank vents directly to atmosphere instead of canister
  5. After stalling, engine consistently restarts after turning ignition off, waiting a couple seconds, then back on and hitting start button

I wonder if engine is cutting out above 4k RPM and 50 kmph but inertia is immediately bump starting the engine back up. I think I feel very faint hesitations while riding but nothing so significant as to make it obvious. Maybe just in my head.

What does all this add up to? A sensor? ECU? Bum fuel pump? I'd be really grateful for any way to narrow in on the problem.
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