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Aaahhhh, I am all relaxed and ready to ride for a while!
I rode back toward the free campsite I had stayed the night before, but right before I got there decided to take a peek at White Fish lake, that also had 3 free camping spots. I am glad I did.

It was beautiful and very peaceful, and had only one other camper, a family of three.
At first I thought that 2 of the three sites were taken, but it turned out that the family really did not want to end up with some noisy days barking next to them, so they just planted a bunch of stuff on site 2 and "screened" the drive by's.
They did ask me if I wanted to camp on that site, but the other one actually had a flat spot so I took it.

Steve dropped by later and asked if I wanted to come over and have dinner.
I warmed up my Indian food, and went over.
His wife Nancy and son Mike were very nice too, they had made me a veggie shish kebab, very tasty!
We sat and had dinner and shared stories. One of them was hilarious!
Steve's friend, let's just call him Buddy, is a pretty big guy, and he had bought himself a mummy sleeping bag good for cold weather. So he goes of and camps out in the forest during the winter. Crawls in his mummy bag and goes to sleep.
Well, he ends up waking up in the middle of the night and find that he can't move his hands. Of course half asleep, and not thinking clearly, he panics thinking his arms were frozen, and tries to get up and out of the tent.
He finally manages to get on his knees and his face near the zipper so he can open the tent door with his teeth, only to have his tong get stuck to the freezing cold zipper head. After the door is open he has to yank his tong off the zipper, and he hops outside still stuck in his sleeping bag. Well Steve is mimicking the whole story, so it was pretty funny to watch as well! End of story is that after hopping a while Buddy realizes that he can feel his arms again, they had been asleep because he had been lying on them. LOL

I stayed at the campsite the next day and moved the rear wheel back a tad to tighten the chain that finally after a few thousand miles stretched a teensy bit.
I also got a chance to mend a few things that had broken, like the velcro on my tent, and gotten on pants.
As I was sewing, look what walked into my tent site and then walked out again. I followed it into the other site and took a picture

I had a blast watching a squirrel tackle a half apple that was on a bench, he was really chewing off some good sized chunks, and rolling around with that apple while doing it.
then a beautiful butterfly landed on the bench.

Then I ended the day with a shower out of the bag, and working on my paintings. Very relaxing.
Walked over to Steve and his family to let them know about the fox, and we took a group picture.

That sweater makes me look like I'm twice as beg! LOL! now I know what to wear when I see a bear!

Toward sunset I walked to the lake and I was glad I did, managed to take a good picture of the sunset

Broke camp early this morning and I am in Twin Harbor right now, heading for Duluth and Minnesota.
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