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Perpeturite... GEED? HELL...!?

You septics have an additive, gel or preparation H ointment for just about everything don't ya...???!
No wonder old Lance bikepants never tested positive for anything...
the combination of the chemo treatment and prostate ehancers masked just about everything else the authorities could possibly think of...

Here's all you need Stagehand (Aussie marathon endurance athlete dietry supplements)
The three step system:

STEP 1: Carbo Loading:

Contains carbs (pastry) protien (meat) and vitamin C
(tomato sauce... very important... also acts as an antibiotic on old pies found in outback roadhouses ).
Food of champions!

STEP TWO: Complex Vitamin supplement:

Contains more vitamins per gram than any substance known to mankind.
Combined with buttered toast and a glass of cold milk (for breakfast) it contains about four times the daily requirement
of just about everything the body and mind needs. Can also be used as a substitute for axle grease, bootpolish and is particularly
effective in keeping wild dogs at bay from decaying motorcyclist carcasses...
so it is a particularly useful substance for any Adventure riders bumbag (that's "fanny pack" to you Noo Yoikers).

STEP THREE: Recovery drink

If we need to explain this phase... well, what can I say?
You really have got in over your head... eh?

Good luck!
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