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Almost home! At the 'rent's lake house for the night. I'll see if i can get some pictures up. I didn't take too many, but got a decent amount of video.

Rode through a LOT of rain today coming north from Seneca Rocks, WV. WV 72 south of US 219 is a terrible roadway in torrential downpours... though it could be worth a second look in sunny weather (even if the sun never shines on the road. its that buried in the woods).

Total right now is 2700+. Don't remember the exact number.

Started to lose oil from the head gasket on the right cylinder in Tennessee, but kept an eye on it, and added oil when i needed to (only an ounce or so a day). Not super stoked on that, but it's been running just fine, humming along!

Deal's Gap was amazing! Got GoPro of it, which i'll have to upload at some point. You can see that GS suspension getting its work out. There are pics on some of the "dragon photo" websites, late afternoon on the 31st.

more to come!
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