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My new 8-cell is FANTASTIC!

I just bought one of these for my 2010 KTM 450 XCW Six Days - my dream bike.

(Build thread, here:

The stock lead-acid battery lasted until a week ago, and went Tango-Uniform with no notice. Since I'm gearing up for more riding and further shenanigans in Nevada next month, I thought it might be nice to have a battery, even though Casper the Friendly Punkin kicks and starts smoothly. Who wants to kick-start a motorcycle anymore?

(Ride announcement here:

Anyway, this item has been on my list of things to get to upgrade my bike, but I just hadn't done it. A dead stock battery is a powerful motivation for somebody who likes to ride. I received this 8-cell unit right away quick and it practically floated out of my driveway from the UPS drop box - it's so light! And the bike NEVER started so quickly or easily, such was the immediate boost in cranking amps. "Casper" has almost 8,500 miles in him... still starts and runs like a raped ape, but the difference in batteries was noticeable immediately.

Should have gotten this a long time ago. The weight savings and performance increase are outstanding.

I got mine from Ironman Dualsport in California - Bob is one solid brother.

Thanks Antigravity for an excellent battery. Far better than the older lithium ion offerings that were the only game in town a short while ago.

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