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Originally Posted by Wallowa View Post
While the description of the state of tune or disconnected devices is interesting, but confusing to me, do you have an IICE Air on this bike?
See above - "I have an Ice Air on order"

Just a WAG...but too many "mods" or tweaks and it can be very hard to determine what is causing what to happen or not happen..the cause and effect links can be impossible to follow.

If you have specific performance 'problems' I would take the bike back to stock and add or substract one device at a time. Introduce only one variable and then re-test. Return to stock and try cranking in another get the idea.
Perhaps I wasn't clear - I only did one change at a time, resetting the Motronic between each change. I would make a change, reset, then ride for 100+ miles in varying conditions. Only one thing changed at a time.
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