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Originally Posted by Happy Wanderer View Post
If you don't have an IIce Air on the bike this thread is the wrong place to post your problem.
Why is this the wrong thread? It's not "The Ice Air Thread" it's "Hotrodding the GS", which, to me, implies dealing with performance issues on the "GS". Additionally, very knowledgeable people, such as Poolside and Roger04RT, frequent this thread and I was hoping to get their input.

- the correct gap for your plugs should be ,028 not .035 I believe. Don't re gap old plugs, they may break and wreak havoc.
You believe or you know? Factory spec is .031, but many people have reported good success with .035 on the Autolite plugs. And where did I say I regapped old plugs? Why would anyone use old plugs? They were new plugs, gapped properly using a plug gap tool. I've been setting spark plug gap for over 30 years and haven't had one break yet.

- Have you cleaned the brass idle screws and the oriface they go into lately?
Nope. Everything I've read says not to mess with the BBS.

- How's your air filter? Clogged up with dirt and dust maybe?
Nope, it's clean. And a clogged air filter generally affects high RPM performance first.

- Who tuned the bike? If it was not you then you can't be sure the valves or the synch was done correctly.
This is true. The valves and sync were done by a person very knowledgeable on the Boxer motor and specifically the oilheads. But, I did not witness it myself. If I can ever find a Harmonizer for sale, I'll check the sync myself.

- If the problem did not exist before you changed the plugs... start there! It's usually the last thing that got worked on that leads to the solution. Retrace steps methodically and change only one thing at a time.
Did you actually read what I wrote? The new plugs slightly improved things.

- Oh and NO, The IceAir will not help with any of the issues you describe.
Why do you say that? Poolside seems to think it will help with some of the issues.
- Eric
2002 BMW R1150GS

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