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The local salesman for Motorrad rang me a couple of days ago (we're friends...yes I do to have one) and related the story of a local that the salesman says is "the only other guy I know who rides where you do on a BMW", which isn't really any sort of endorsement...but...anyway, this bloke took his F800 on the Canning Stock Route recently and the stator failed and stranded him.

$2400 later he had the bike going again.

Apparently he dropped in to the show room on his return and had a frothing at the mouth rant about what utter pieces of shit BMWs bikes are, and how their spare parts prices are ridiculous...etc etc.

It'd be interesting to find out who he was. Because if it's who I think it is, he lurks here often. Be nice to hear his side of the story.

Old mate, the salesman, just let him vent and shrugged. Luck of the draw he says.

Oh how I laughed.
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