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Seat Concepts review

Seat Concepts review
I have bought all sorts of seats. I have had three custom made Mayer seats that were wonderful but very expensive. I've had sargents, corbins, and two other Seat Concepts seats.

The attractive feature of Seat Concepts is that you don't have to send them your seat pan nor do you have to buy a whole seat. They send new foam and a new cover. You remove a billion staples, spray on some 3M adhesive, stick the foam on, stretch the new cover on, and staple it.

My $29 air stapler works just fine.

I bought my 05 Dakar used and it may have even had a low seat. The notch that i sat in was very low and restrictive. I could slide up on the back part of the seat and could put in a lot of miles on the seat by doing this.

The seat concepts guy has the same ideas about a good seat that I have come to believe in. The seating area is rather flat but with a slight dish, and the ridge at the back is very subtle so you can slide up and back in stages. It reminds me of a Sargent I had on my KLR, which was the best seat I ever had.

This is my third Seat Concepts seat. I have on on my Yamaha WR250R which is nice for a dirt bike seat. I had one on my F800GS, which was a good seat.

This is a very very good seat. Price was $169 plus shipping, and I have paid over $500 for Mayer seats, so I'm very happy with it.
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