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Originally Posted by EKinOR View Post
Why is this the wrong thread? It's not "The Ice Air Thread" it's "Hotrodding the GS", which, to me, implies dealing with performance issues on the "GS". Additionally, very knowledgeable people, such as Poolside and Roger04RT, frequent this thread and I was hoping to get their input.

Actually, if you read all 3000+ posts I think you will find this is a thread about fuel injection issues and how Poolside's device is attempting to improve performance. But it is not a troubleshooting thread for bikes that are not tuned properly as far as I can tell.

You believe or you know? Factory spec is .031, but many people have reported good success with .035 on the Autolite plugs. And where did I say I regapped old plugs? Why would anyone use old plugs? They were new plugs, gapped properly using a plug gap tool. I've been setting spark plug gap for over 30 years and haven't had one break yet.

Apoligies for that. I was being lazy and using my memory. Airheads are .028 and your bike is .031. In either case .035 is not factory spec for the gap as stated in the factory manual I just checked. If a larger gap helps performance on your bike by all means go ahead! I prefer the BMW factory manual for such things.

By "old plugs" I mean the ones that are in the bike right now and have been "used". Once they get to operating temperature and by this I mean after you warm up and ride the bike it is not a good idea to re gap these "used" plugs because you run the risk of a now more brittle electrode breaking off. This advice was assuming you might correct the gap which is currently incorrect. Capiche?

Nope. Everything I've read says not to mess with the BBS.

Really? Well good luck balancing your throttle bodies at idle without touching those! By the way, they get all plugged up with carbon every so often and need to be cleaned. Not sure how you'd do that without messing with them either.

Did you actually read what I wrote? The new plugs slightly improved things.

Well actually yes I did. That is how I attempted to answer your question while trying to be of some help. But reading and comprehension are not really the same are they?

Why do you say that? Poolside seems to think it will help with some of the issues.

If you only want Poolside's opinions or responses why post in a public forum? Just send him a PM and spare us.
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