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Originally Posted by charlie264 View Post
Dr. What’s the circuit inside the pump....I’m getting Zero ohms (quality multitester in its day) closed circuit from black wire from plug and thin black to points....If I put 12v across solenoid wires the rod doesn’t move.
Inside the pump is a coil, and a diode parallel to the coil.

If you measure <1 Ohm, most likely the diode is burned. This happens more often if you wait till the contact-points are completely gone...
SEE: 1st rootcause:

The diode is not needed for my kit, but if it is short-circuit, the pump won't work.
Most likely also your FP-Fuse in the bike is burned if the diode is shorted: surely the short-circuit current was supplied by the bike in some stage...

try another pump...
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