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[DAY 2]
Baie Comeau, QC to Labrador City, NL = 595 km

A nice fog greets the bikes at Hotel Le Comte....reminds me of back in Saint John

It should be an easy day....we only have ---THIS FAR--- to go

We're raring to go...I'm pretty sure we can make it but you never know with the road conditions.

We're at the kitchen door waiting for our delicious (and free) breakfast to be served...sorry no pictures.

There was a large group of bikers heading up to Natashquan some 600 km along the Saint Lawrence...hmmm...maybe another time.

We jump on the sweet 389 heading north with Manic 5 on our minds.
It's twisty, hilly and tough to pass the 18 wheelers we run into...c'mon these are KLRs afterall.

We come across Manic 2 first....a very cool looking dam with a nice river.....ahhh.......

We're blasting along enjoying the scenery and come upon this massive switch yard.

Didn't see anyone but there was a pretty nifty security entrance system and another one of these crazy little phone booths....

Jeff didn't have the guts to pick up....

Then we hit our first "juicy" part of the trip...MANIC 5 What a crazy beast it is....

Jeff and I were using a pair of Scala headsets and I made him slam on the binders as I came around the corner and let out some expletives when I saw the massive structure....

I mean the KLR is a big pig of a bike....but c'mon.

We didn't do the tour but went inside to look at the construction photos...truly amazing.

But on to the driving....yet another crazy road that goes on forever..

And finally the good stuff....gravel...wait dirt roads.
These weren't quite what I expected.
They were hard packed dirt and with a little water on top....
The bikes reminded me a bit of bambi on ice.

After about 100 kms or so we hit the gas station and 3 star "restaurant" of Relais Gabriel...

When we pull in, I notice a guy filming us with a "better than normal" video camera and I see these three bikes sitting off to the side.

My curiosity piqued, I ask them what they're up to: turns out it's the host and producer of RDS (Quebec version of TSN) and Patrick Trahan doing a documentary on the Trans Labrador Highway!
They're testing out the new Honda NC700x's.


We proceed to have lunch together and discuss the route.

They then interview us on camera and take some shots of us going over the bikes and my silly map I have on my trunk....COOL MAN!
How could this trip get any better? 2.

I mean I could see day 5 or 6......but DAY 2.

Back to the eating....I say it was a 3 star because there were 3 things on the menu.
After some deliberation and poor translation from French to English, we all settled on the steak hache and poulet étoiles.

Now I'm no linguist but Chicken Stars definitely had my attention...

Time to part ways and hit the road.....

From here it was a huge chunk of brand spankin' new asphalt...
We were both bummed over this.

Passed through Gagnon....weird but a bit of a let down.
I mean standards had been raised with the Chicken Stars...

Stopped for a break and decided to test my self-timer of the only pictures of the two of us...

After a little while, came to the switch backs and rail road crossings around Fire Lake...
We both enjoyed this section as it was back on sweet, sweet gravel.

We could also see the massive iron ore mine at Fermont.

Shhh....the beasts sleep...(we would meet their cousins later on)

We made it! The Big we go baby.

I don't remember what time we landed at the Two Seasons Inn but it was a decent time...5 PM or so.

We went by Walmart to grab some supplies and junk food to snack on.

There was a BMW GSA rider at the motel as well...he and his wife we're doing the TLH.
A banner 2nd day!
Even though we didn't see a lot of gravel, it was going to be hard to top!

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