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[DAY 3]
Labrador City, NL to Churchill Falls, NL = 273 km

When I originally planned this day we were supposed to be taking the power plant tour at 7PM....but for some reason it was cancelled.

Instead of changing all our plans we figured we just have an easy day....
After two 600 km days we deserved it!

One thing I started to notice was that with the bikes all loaded up, we draw a lot of attention....people were coming out of the wood work to ask questions and find out what we were up to.

After dragging our butts and getting ready we barely made the cut off for some delicious breakfast at McDonald's...

After that, we hit the road....

It was disappointing how much pavement there was on the way....turned out to be 177 km worth of it before we hit gravel.

To make up for it we took a little excursion up a dirt access road to some sort of tower...pretending we had "real" dirt bikes.

The view was certainly worth the trip up...

At the top, we noticed some "evidence" and got a little worried that we might run into the owner...

Back to the roads....any other time they would have been awesome!
But we were here for the rocks...

Finally we got our wish but soon realized that it came with a price.

Dump trucks, float trucks and 18 wheelers oh my!
Throw in a grader, some nice dust clouds and you have some legitimate tense times.

We had our first run in with the grader driving on our side of the road.....and head on.
Good times.
After battling the dust, we were ready for a short jaunt up the Esker Road.

This road wasn't quite what I expected but it gave us a nice place to take a break and have a snack.
We also wanted to test the bugs...they were no worse than back home.

Certainly no shortage of nice lakes and rivers.

Someone has some cool toys...

Just a friendly reminder of where we are....NICE.

As we approached Churchill Falls, we came to the Churchill River....or what is left of it.
It must have been quite the sight back in the "day"

I can't remember if I saw a sign or if someone told me about it...but before the bridge heading into town, there is a path leading to Hamilton Falls.

I highly recommend taking the 20 minutes or so to get there....

As an added bonus, we didn't get eaten by bears and I didn't fall over the cliff trying to get a better picture.

We arrived in Churchill Falls in really good time and had planned to camp...
But pitching our tents on the church lawn seemed like a weird prospect.

Figured we check with the Midway Travel Inn to see if they had a room...BINGO.
We were in luck. The room was much better than sleeping on the ground.

The building that the hotel was in was very strange and had the....
-grocery store
-post office

We ate supper at the restaurant, which was quite good (or were we just starving).

While I was drinking my Pepsi, this sign kept me in check....

Another theme for this trip was eating like kings....feast your eyes on these...we often spared no expense.

I also scored some sweet 20A longer would I live in fear.

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